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Lublin Division

Lublin Division in Lublin was established on 1st January 2011. Presently it publishes Kurier Lubelski daily.

The division holds many prestigious competitions and popularity contests in Lublin region. The most esteemed ones include: "Lublinianka Roku" (“Lublin Female Resident of the Year”), "Człowiek Roku" (“The Man of the Year”), "Top Menedżer" (“Top Manager”), "Sportowiec Roku" (The Sport Personality of the Year”), "Perły i Perełki Lubelszczyzny" (“The Pearls and Cameos of Lublin”), "Diamenty Lublina" (“The Diamonds of Lublin”), "Lekarz Roku" (“The MD of the Year”) popularity contests.


Dariusz Kotlarz

Dariusz Kotlarz

Contact details:

ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 10/1, 20-002 Lublin
+48 81 446 28 00