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Rzeszów Division

Rzeszów Division pursues widely understood publishing and advertising operations. It publishes the most widely read daily in Podkarpacie voivodeship called Nowiny, Nasze Miasto weekly, the biggest news portal called and many local, industry and thematic websites, as well as albums and local guidebooks.

The Division initiates many campaigns characterised by particular image-building values and powerful regional roots, targeted at various social and economic groups. For many decades it has been promoting sport talents through the Sportsman of the Year Contest and Podkarpacie Team Contest, it recognizes the roles of women in social and economic life by awarding the Enterprising Women title, and it awards the prestigious Region’s Leader prize to active companies in Podkarpacie voivodeship. It also promotes products and brands of Podkarpacie voivodeship in the contest called Nasze Dobre Podkarpackie (Our Good Things of Podkarpacie Region). In annual independent rankings called Złota Setka Firm (the Golden Hundred of the Companies) and Złota Setka Gmin (the Golden Hundred of the Communes) of Podkarpacie voivodeship, prepared in cooperation with the local scientific community, it presents the achievements of local businesses and local government. Moreover the publisher initiates many actions targeted at children and youth, such as: Jesteśmy Pierwsza Klasa (We are First Class), Przebojowe Dzieciaki (Go-head Kids), Mała Drużyna Podkarpacia (Small Team of Podkarpacie region) and Bezpieczna droga do domu i szkoły (Safe road home and to school). Through the

organisation of such undertakings as Rolnik Roku (the Farmer of the Year), Sołtys Roku (the Village Administrator of the Year), Strażak Roku (the Firefighter of the Year) it recognizes the importance of local communities in smaller towns.  

For several years Rzeszów Division has been successfully deploying cabaret meetings and theatre performances, thus winning a group of faithful spectators. As part of corporate social responsibility, the Division becomes involved in many local charity ventures benefitting foundations and individual persons. Gazeta Nowiny was honoured with the title of the Friend of Podkarpackie Childrens’ Hospice. Its most recent undertaking organised jointly with Asseco Poland SA is a charity campaign called Przychodzimy z Dobrą Nowiną (We Are Coming with Good News), under which we support the poorest families in the region. 


Robert Glinkowski

Robert Glinkowski

Contact details:

Unii Lubelskiej 3, 35-016 Rzeszów
+48 17 867 23 00
+48 17 867 23 01