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Łódź Printing Plant


Łódź Printing Plant prints several dozen titles weekly, including two daily newspapers: Dziennik Łódzki with five mutations and thematic supplements, and Express Ilustrowany, supplemented with two sport inserts and high-volume two-part magazine edition. The most important of other printed titles include: Nasze Miasto Łódź and Fakty i Mity weekly.

The printing plant accepts orders for offset printing in coldset technology on newsprint with weights from 45 to 60 g/m2 in a wide range of print runs, lengths and colour patterns – up to 80 colour pages within a single back. At customer’s request, we can insert advertising printed matter, glue-in flyers or promotional materials, shrink-wrap parcels for dispatching, forwarding and transport to indicated places.



Łódź Printing Plant has a modern computer-to-plate prepress facility, enabling direct setting of editorial matter onto offset plates foregoing the imposition and copying stages, and ensuring the highest quality of prints and fidelity of original’s reproduction. Two-sided printing in A3 (289 x 390 mm) tabloid format and A2 (578 x 390 mm) broadsheet format controlled by PPI/PPM optimisation system is made on two UNISET 60 rotary presses manufactured by MAN PLAMAG, composed of 11 double units with the total capacity of 110,000 copies/hour.


Acceptance of orders:

Editorial matter prepared on Macintosh or PC platform, or sent electronically as pdf files over Internet onto printing plant’s FTP server.


Krzysztof Sipa

Contact details:

Skorupki 17/19, 92-530 Łódź
+48 42 665 94 81
+48 42 665 94 83