Press Office

Polska Press Group with two awards in the prestigious Best of News Design™ Competition


Tomasz Bocheński, the Art Director in Polska Press Group, was awarded two prizes in the prestigious Best of News Design™ Competition.

Magdalena Chudzikiewicz a new Head of Polskapresse Internet Division, IT and Marketing


Today, on 27th February 2014, the Polskapresse Board leaves Grzegorz Haftarczyk. Management of Internet Division, IT, technology and strategic projects takes Magdalena Chudzikiewicz, who holds the position of Managing Director of the Internet Division, IT and Marketing. The following tasks have been placed to Magdalena Chudzikiewicz: integration of Polskapresse and Media Regionalne internet products and technology, implementation of strategic projects for both companies, such as strategies of content sale, free products or new business.

Polskapresse buys Media Regionalne


On 24 October 2013 Polskapresse obtained the permission of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection to take up shares in Media Regionalne.

Polskapresse the only owner of Gratka. New VGP’s share structure


Polskapresse gained from Express Media, Rheinisch-Bergischen Verlagsgesellschaft’s daughter company, 14 per cent shares in Gratka Ltd, which is the owner of the biggest classified internet service in Poland. Polskapresse became the only owner of Gratka Ltd. The acquisition of the shares is an element of the Polskapresse Internet strategy, which aims to enhance income from Internet activities and market share.

Polskapresse separates advertising activities


Polskapresse Management Board decided to reorganize advertising activities and establish Polskapresse Advertisement Office Division. Since September 2008 all Polskapresse advertising offices will be operated within new structure.

Polskapresse separates printing activities


Polskapresse Management Board decided to reorganise printing activities and establish Polskapresse Printing Department. Since March 2008 all Polskapresse printing plants will be operated within new structure. Separation between publishing and printing activities is a part of Polskapresse business strategy.

Polskapresse press release concerning Mediatak


The extraordinary general meeting of the associates of Mediatak (limited liability company) have made an unanimous decision today to close down the company and begin the process of its liquidation.

Polskapresse interested in purchasing shares of Rzeczpospolita


Polskapresse would like to inform, that on 26th November 2007, it issued a letter sent to the Minister of the Treasury, having ownership control over the Publishing Enterprise Rzeczpospolita Plc, in which it expressed preliminary interest in purchasing the total block of shares of Presspublica owned by the Publishing Enterprise Rzeczpospolita Plc.

IPRA Golden World Award 2007 for „School without bullying”


The campaign „School without bullying” received main award in the category Corporate Social Responsibility in the international competition IPRA Golden World Awards 2007. The IPRA judges chose Polskapresse campaign the best from 107 finalists out of 405 entries from 46 countries.

New daily "POLSKA" on Monday


The new nationwide daily, “POLSKA”, published by Polskapresse Publishing Group will be launched in whole Poland on Monday, October 15. Under the title „POLSKA” six regional dailies of Polskapresse and newly launched newspapers were melted to create the nationwide daily. „POLSKA” is the authorial project of Polskapresse and its debut is the biggest publishing event in the market in recent years.