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Sale increase of Polskapresse dailies in November 2006

Jan 08, 2007

In November 2006 in comparison with October 2006 nine Polskapresse dailies amounted a four per cent sale increase. The biggest increase had „Głos Wielkopolski” (seven per cent). The next dailies were „Dziennik Łódzki” and „Dziennik Zachodni” (six per cent increase each).

Wróblewski Polskapresse vicepresident, Fąfara chief editor of new project

Oct 01, 2006

From November 2006 Tomasz Wróblewski and Paweł Fąfara start they work at Polskapresse Publishing Group. They will be responsible for new publishing and editorial projects of the Group.

Second stage of the "Stop Violence at School" campaign

Sep 05, 2006

Till the end of September schools have a possibility to join the second stage of the nationwide social campaign “Stop violence at school”. Schools that want to participate in the campaign have to declare that they will observe rules of code “Stop violence at school”. The campaign organisers - publishing houses of nineteen regional dailies – Polskapresse and Orkla Press Polska, as well as co-organiser TP Group Foundation - assign over three hundred thousand zloties to support Polish schools. The campaign is under the patronage of Mr Lech Kaczyński President of the Republic of Poland.

Polskapresse launches a trial version of an Internet newspaper wiadomoś

Jun 16, 2006

Wiadomoś –  is the name of informative portal implementing the idea of civil journalism. On Internet user is not only a passive receiver of information. It is a virtual place where information between Internet users and journalists will be exchanged.

Regional newspapers of Polskapresse in service of readers and democracy

Jul 15, 2006

During the session of "Regional press - co-operation and participant of civil society", which was organized by Polskapresse Publishing Group, the experts agreed that regional newspapers are involved in formation of the civil society and they are near people’s problems. The session took place on Tuesday the 11th of July within the confines of the inauguration of Polskapresse Institute of Journalism’s new academic year 2006/ 2007.

World Cup in Polskapresse dailies

Jun 08, 2006

World Cup 2006 has started in regional dailies of Polskapresse. Since 5th of June six newspapers have distributed CD „ABC of World Cup”, which includes celebrities gallery, teams and venues presentation, as well as history of World Cup with results, teams and archival photos.

Stop Violence at School - social campaign of regional dailies

It has been over a month since the “Stop Violence at School” social campaign of regional dailies of Polskapresse and Orkla Press Polska commenced.