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Łódź Division

Łódź Division was established in 1999. Presently it publishes the biggest dailies in Łódź region: Dziennik Łódzki, Express Ilustrowany and free press title Nasze Miasto.

Polska Press Łódź Division holds many well-established and highly esteemed popularity contests, competitions, events and charity campaigns within the city and region of Łódź. The best known ventures include: the prestigious competition “Menedżer Roku” (“The Manager of the Year”), “Sportowiec Roku” (“The Sport Personality of the Year”) popularity contest, “Samorządowiec Roku” (“Local Government Member of the Year”) popularity contest, the Professor Jan Kodrębski competition for the best master thesis, the charity campaign “Dzieci Dzieciom” (“Children to Children”), or “Galeria Bryk” - a city event for motoring fans, which enjoys enormous popularity. 


Marcin Polak

Marcin Polak

Contact details:

ks. hm. I. Skorupki 17/19, 90-532 Łódź
+48 42 665 93 00
+48 42 665 93 04