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Kraków Division

Kraków Division was established in 1994. Presently it publishes major Lesser Poland dailies: Gazeta Krakowska, Dziennik Polski, and free title Nasze Miasto.

The division holds many prestigious competitions and popularity contests. The most esteemed ones include: the Maciej Szumowski competition, “Wielkie Odkrywanie Małopolski” (“The Great Discoveries: Lesser Poland”) popularity contest, “Ludzie Roku” (“The People of the Year”) and sport popularity contest “10 Asów Małopolski” (“10 Aces of Lesser Poland”). The division is also involved in many charity campaigns, including the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, and pro social ones, e.g. Safe Way to School. 


Małgorzata Cetera-Bulka

Małgorzata Cetera-Bulka

Contact details:

al. Pokoju 3, 31-548 Kraków
+48 12 688 85 01