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Koszalin Division

Koszalin Division publishes Głos Dziennika Pomorze in the publishing area of the Western and Central Pomerania voivodeship,, and websites, local websites in Koszalin and Słupsk and a free newspaper called Nasze Miasto in Koszalin, Słupsk and Szczecin. It also publishes a social networking service called, and MM Trendy monthly in Koszalin and Szczecin.

The Division actively participates in the life of the region by assuming its patronage over the biggest events in the region and by performing many social campaigns.


Piotr Grabowski

Piotr Grabowski

Contact details:

Mickiewicza 24, 75-004 Koszalin
+48 94 347 35 00
+48 94 347 35 40