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Forum Polska


“Forum Polska” (“Poland Forum”) is a cycle of seven debates and a monthly publication dedicated to major challenges faced by our country. This is a public debate space concerning the future of our country in the time perspective of the forthcoming decades and the place where answers are sought to the question: what should be done here and now to make sure we will live in a better Poland in half a century.

“Forum Polska” addresses the most important social topics: education system, sport, regional development, science, ecology, multi-cultural and multi-national dimension of the country. This is a unique on national scale initiative of “Polska” daily in the area where the journalists can pursue their mission and responsibility to undertake actions aimed to change the country for the better.

So far “Forum Polska” has hosted, among others, representatives of the world of politics: Katarzyna Hall, Barbara Kudrycka, Lech Wałęsa, Jerzy Buzek, Janusz Steinhoff, Edmund Wittbrodt, Marek Ast, Szewach Weiss, and people from scientific and cultural communities: the Rev. Professor Michał Heller, Jan Szomburg, Leon Tarasewicz, Father Maciej Zięba, Piotr Tryjanowski, Łukasz Turski.

Additionally each debate entails invitation of VIPs, i.e. local authorities, members of local governments, representatives of the biggest companies and journalists of local media. The debates are moderated by editors-in-chief of regional issues of “Polska” and by the editor-in-chief of “Polska” - Paweł Fąfara.

Two weeks after each debate, in Saturday issue of „Polska”, a printed supplement titled “Forum Polska” is published. The supplement covers speeches made by speakers and participants of panel discussions. Besides the records of the debate, the supplement contains thematic featured articles and publications by such recognized authors as: Bartoszewski, Libera, Chrzanowski, Bielecki, Prusak, Petru, Pieronek, Żakowski, Tazbir, Boniecki, Buzek, Kleiber, Arendarski, Lewicki or Kułakowski. The contents of “Forum Polska” are also available in electronic format at the website: