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Grupa sp. z o.o. is the most important publisher of the construction industry in Polish Internet - it supports 11 thematic portals and two industry forums, which for several years have been the source of know-how, innovative concepts and modern applications for people interested in the topics related to construction – both for individual and business recipients.

The products of the Group are diversified into two fundamental types of media – web-based publications with very high development dynamics and traditional publications (printed magazines and guides).


Gemius PBI, March 2014

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Magdalena Kmita-Kulesza

Magdalena Kmita-Kulesza

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Domaniewska 45, 02-672 Warszawa
+48 22 201 42 75

Information concerning the (online) service

Portals comprising the group: – a portal about roofs – for 10 years it has offered support in the construction and overhauls of the most difficult element of any house, namely the roof. It contains reliable and objective information about products and services. Hundreds of articles, pieces of practical advice and descriptions of all issues related to roofs. – a portal about walls – A brick house or a wooden house? How to build an energy efficient house? Mineral wool or expanded polystyrene? Which plaster is the best? It helps make informed decisions – from the simplest ones, like the colour of wall paint, to the most difficult ones, such as construction of a house. – a portal about windows – reliable information about products, technologies and events concerning windows, doors and gates. It provides current information about new products in the industry. It advises in the selection, assembly, maintenance and operation. – short instructional films showing step-by-step how to make the foundations, ceilings, build a house, finish the walls, and how to set up and grow a garden.